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I'm now a full-time founder!


I'm excited to share that I'm now working full-time on Diversify Tech. December was my last month as a Software Engineer at the US Geological Survey.

Since 2015, I’ve dreamt of starting my own business. After facing sexism, burnout and various levels of toxicity in tech, it felt like I couldn’t be successful in the corporate work environment. My goal has been to build something that will give me the freedom and flexibility to live the life I want while having a positive impact on others.

It's been a long journey of going through several "failed" startup ideas. I'm not there yet but this is the closest that I've gotten. I'm focusing my full professional energy on Diversify Tech this year. I'm excited and nervous at the same time 😄

I'm thankful to all of you who have been with me on this journey so far. Being a solo-founder is hard and lonely. It’s been great to have your support and company.

Many of you have asked me how you can help. Thank you! I appreciate it. Here are a few ways:

  • Follow us on Twitter and on LinkedIn.
  • Become a Patron.
  • Know anyone hiring? Are they inclusive and would provide a good environment? Then, please send them to our job board.
  • Ask conferences that are inclusive to share their call for proposals (CFPs) and scholarships with the community. They can submit it to the site.
  • Send folks to join one of our newsletters. We have three:

    • One for underrepresented folks in tech to learn about jobs, speaking opportunities, scholarships and other opportunities.
    • One for folks to learn about candidates looking to get hired and to learn about diversity and inclusion
    • And one for allies (coming soon!) to take specific actions to help underrepresented folks in tech.

I'm definitely not leaving tech. I'm forging my own path to make it better for me and for folks like me.